Regeneration is the new sustainability. Not only be aware of our beautiful ecosystem, but also care for it.
Restore and renew the planet.



Trust, humanity & wellbeing. We forgot that these ingredients are more important than prosperity.
Social care and societal recovery.



The most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming

To solve the big climate problem, we only have to look to nature. This book includes 100 solutions, derived from nature and can be used as a guide.

Project Drawdown – The Netherlands

Regenerative agriculture, avoiding food-waste and building with bio-based and circular materials; a few solutions which we can implement in The Netherlands. I’m part of the Project Drawdown NL team in which I am working on presentation material to inspire people & companies.


Societal care & health prevention

Regeneration design is not only focussing on the material world, but societal wellbeing is just as important. This needs another perspective: from self-reliance to co-reliance.

I believe that technology can assist the capacity and prevention in healthcare. The most important thing is human care in which everyone can contribute. Just look in your neighborhood and visit that lonely old women. She would be grateful.


We need a new education system in which everyone is equal

We have imposed ourselves to performance culture. This starts at primary school by making a distinction between levels in group 8. We see VWO as ‘better’ than VMBO. We can earn more money with an university degree than with MBO or HBO. As a result, a drive for performance has arisen, resulting in burnouts & labor shortages in the public sectors and among practice professionals.

Stop with this measuring-madness. A child who is practice oriented is as much as valuable to the society than a knowledge oriented child.